Our Products

Looking at the lack of good learning material for kids in the market, we set out to solve this problem. A lot of books either had too much information or too less and it just didn’t feel right. Thus we created our set of learning tools so that we could deliver the best teaching experience.

Let’s Say Nǐ Hǎo Flashcards

After launching our books, we were not willing to rest on our laurels and wanted to create even better products. Over the years, we had seen kids enjoy with flashcards a lot. They were very quick to pick up Chinese from flashcards and it gave the teachers a new way to teach and enjoy Chinese!

Instructions for Using:
The flashcards are each marked according to a theme.
Step 1: Take out a set of flashcards belonging to one theme.
Step 2: Play the audio from the app for any flashcard from the previous set.
Step 3: Show the front face of the flashcard selected, which has the pictures and the characters.
Step 4: Repeat the sound a few times till the child can pronounce  it properly
Step 5: Pick another card and show only the back side, which has only characters.

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Chinese Books for Kids

Our books are divided into levels according to the Common European Framework and Youth Chinese Test levels. We designed these books after researching various educational systems and boards like IB, IGCSE, CBSE and others. Our characters in the book Gauri, Bao, Huahua and Mingming bring Chinese to life and a smile to your child’s life