Kids Chinese

Chinese for toddlers? But why? Isn’t Chinese difficult? Won’t kids get stressed out?

The answer to these is No! Studies have shown that the brains of kids aged 3-6 years are wired differently. They respond very positively to language training and carry these into their adulthood. Learning Chinese gives the children a special edge as we train them with unique activities like drawing, painting, singing and others. With our innovative teaching methodology, we ensure that learning Chinese becomes easy & fun for kids.

Key Features

  • This is a conversation & proficiency oriented Mandarin Chinese course for kids which will enhance spoken Chinese skills in children.
  • Our passionate teachers teach the language using innovative and fun activities.
  • Recognition of Chinese characters is introduced which helps in enhancing logical & pictorial skills.
  • The books & resources have been carefully designed after thorough research.

What Is In It For Your Kids

  • Early exposure to the most spoken language in the world
  • Studying Mandarin Chinese stimulates different parts of brain
  • Early starters gain benefits from cross functional cognitive development

Kids Chinese Levels

Kids Chinese Beginner level – I
Kids Chinese Beginner level – II
Kids Chinese Intermediate level – III
Kids Chinese Advanced level – IV
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