Chinese Spelling Bee – The Hanyu Master

The true spirit of achievement often comes coupled with competition. YehChina promotes healthy competition among its students to make the experience of Mandarin learning all the more fun. For this purpose we organize a unique Chinese Spelling Bee contest, ‘HànyǔMaster’ for Mandarin Chinese learners. Of all the fun tools available to learn a language, the Spelling Bee becomes important due to several reasons. It helps in enhancing ones vocabulary, inculcates a competitive spirit, improves cognitive skills and instills confidence. The competition designed as per the YCT levels has a semifinal and final level. The students will be tested for Chinese character knowledge, spoken skills, accent and tones. The first Chinese Spelling Bee started in year 2014 and was attended by students of many reputed schools such as Podar International, Oberoi International, Cathedral and John Connon School, Aditya Birla World Academy, Dhirubhai Ambani School and Bombay Scottish, Mumbai. The first champion of our ‘HànyǔMaster’ competition was Govind Narain Khandelwal of Oberoi International School and Anushri Iyer of Podar International School.