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A Real Inspiration For Us At Yeh China !!

A renowned mathematician and a legendary academician, Dr Ashok K Chitkara is the Chancellor of Chitkara University, Punjab and Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh. His perspective and far-sightedness in the field of education has rendered future promising prospects in the fullness of time.
Apart from being a great mathematician, Dr Chitkara has a great flair for foreign languages. And this interest brought him in to the world of Mandarin Chinese as well. Because of his sincere dedication and persistent efforts, Dr Chitkara has passed 6 levels in Mandarin Chinese language by clearing the HSK exams.
Dr Ashok K Chitkara has also been a very integral part of the Yeh China journey. We would like to whole-heartedly thank him for his utmost support always. We are really honoured that we have been a part of his journey of learning Chinese language. Since he had started taking the HSK exams, he has been in touch with us and has been motivating us to another level. We believe that he is the only one in India who has travelled throughout the country to take the exams. Whether the centre be at Mumbai or Pune or Delhi, Dr Chitkara has been there everywhere.
We really salute the dedication, passion and perseverance of Dr Ashok K Chitkara towards Chinese language. Inspite of being such a busy person, he has constantly created marvels in the world of foreign languages as well.

Hats off to you Sir !!

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