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testimonialapostIt has been a great experience to be associated with Yeh China that enormously helps the aspiring learners of Chinese Language to go a long way in their quest of specializing in this wonderful and interesting language. Yeh China is ably guided by a genius and the most humble person, Ms Usha Sahoo, who herself is an ardent lover of Chinese language. She is supported by her marvelous team which consists of the most talented people who are actively and passionately involved in spreading the importance of Chinese language.

Personally, I am in love with this language and I am trying my best to win over it. And I whole-heartedly thank Ms Usha Sahoo and her incredible team for helping me in this journey. I wish the entire team of Yeh China all the very best for their future endeavors!!apost

Dr Ashok K Chitkara,

Chitkara University
Punjab & Himachal Pradesh, India

testimonialapostWhen I say” Mandarin Language” – complex, difficult, ancient etc are the words which immediately starts playing in our minds. Exactly my thought process was the same. Today if you ask me I would describe the language in a very different manner- difficult but made easy; complex but made simple; ancient but made very modern. All these positive changes towards the language was only possible because of one person- Usha Sahoo, whose innovative and creative teaching methodologies brought these changes. Thank you Usha for helping me sustain interest in this language. Xie Xie Laoshi!!!.apost

Lopamudra Mohanty,

 Employee in Bank of America

geet-bhatapostWe introduced Mandarin as a part of curriculum in our preschool. The effect of this new initiative has been quite amazing. It fills us with pride listening to the 2 year old small kids recognizing Chinese script and saying Ni-Hao. Parents are on the top of the world and positive about the program.apost

Mrs.Geeta Bhatt,

Principal Shining Stars Preschool