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We believe in empowering people with Chinese language skills. Whether you are toddler or parent, a student or a professional we will do our best to give you world class education. Our focus is always on quality of language education and we are constantly developing new ways of learning and teaching Mandarin Chinese language.

Our programs are designed after a lot of research by experienced language teachers. We always strive to teach our courses according to International Standards. Our entire teaching philosophy is based on the Common European Framework and other such International Frameworks. Our teachers are highly motivated and have very high level of Chinese proficiency and teaching skills. Even they are constantly improving themselves to deliver better quality education.

One of our greatest achievements has been our pre-school and kids Chinese programs which have been implemented by the schools of Mumbai. The books which we have written and published have also been instrumental in engaging students and providing immersive learning material. At Yehchina, we are committed to provide you practical Chinese language skills so you can take on real world situations. Our activities also inculcate soft skills like public speaking, professional networking and other such skills in you and develop you holistically.

No matter how serious this sounds, we make sure you enjoy learning Chinese and it becomes a memorable experience for you. So come join us and Let’s Say Ni Hao.